Bernice Zieba: Diary of a Lockdown Sceptic

Diary of a Lockdown Sceptic

Bernice Zieba: Diary of a Lockdown ScepticBluebell is not just a lockdown sceptic but also manages a family of ten. Besides juggling her family’s needs, which include having to head down to her local park on a regular basis with several children in tow, dealing with a son who is reluctant to do homework and being concerned about an adult daughter who suffers from a mental condition, she also took the time to follow the development of the so-called pandemic.

On a daily basis she noted in her diary what was going on at home and in the world, and she published articles and comments as she became increasingly critical of how the government was handling the hyped-up crisis.

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New eBook: Growing Up Without School

Kindle eBook Growing Up Without School

Growing Up Without SchoolThe book Growing Up Without School (originally published in 2017) is now also available as an eBook. You can view it here: eBook „Growing Up Without School“

If you prefer the paperback, get it here: Paperback „Growing Up Without School“

‘Growing Up Without School’ is about families whose children are gaining education without attending a school. As each family and each child is different, learning approaches also differ. This book gives a colourful and diverse insight into how learning can occur outside of school. It also contains practical tips, inspiration, and interesting information. Filled with experience reports, success stories and interviews, Growing Up without School gives the reader a lively insight into the home education movement in the United Kingdom and worldwide.

Bernice Zieba: From Home to Walsingham

Neues Buch: From Home to Walsingham

This is an account of Bernice Zieba’s five-day pilgrimage to Walsingham. Read about how she prepared for the pilgrimage, the days when she journeyed to the shrine on foot, the history of Walsingham and some prayers for pilgrims.

In 1061 Our Lady said: ‘All who are in any way distressed or in need, let them seek me there in that little house you have made in Walsingham. To all that seek me there shall be given help.’ Follow Bernice, a mother of eight, on her meditative and challenging journey to Mary and her Son Jesus Christ in Walsingham.

“From Home to Walsingham. A Mother’s Five-Day Pilgrimage on Foot”. Published in November 2019, by Jan Webmedia, available here:



Bernice Zieba: From Home to Walsingham - A Mother's Five-Day Pilgrimage on Foot Bernice Zieba: From Home to Walsingham - A Mother's Five-Day Pilgrimage on Foot

Bernice Zieba, Basteln und feiern, Jahresbuch für die Familie

Neues Buch von Jan Webmedien: Basteln und feiern

Bernice Zieba, Basteln und feiern, Jahresbuch für die FamilieDas Buch „Basteln und feiern“ ist jetzt, Ende 2019, bei Jan Webmedien neu erschienen!

Wie falte ich eine Schachtel aus Papier? Was ist ein Rosenkranz? Ketchup selber herstellen – geht das? Wann ist mein Namenstag? Antworten darauf finden Sie in diesem Buch, gepackt mit über 100 Bastelanleitungen, Rezepten, Liedern und Spielen sowie kurzen Erläuterungen zu den Festtagen. Das Buch lädt ein, jahrein jahraus darin zu blättern. Für die ganze Familie geeignet.

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Weihnachtsgeschichten: Die drei Nüsse

Wir haben zu Weihnachten, als kleines Familienprojekt, ein neues Buch veröffentlicht!

Es heisst „Die drei Nüsse“ und enthält einige Märchen und Legenden. Geschrieben sind die Geschichten von mir, die Bilder stammen von zwei unserer Töchter.

Herausgegeben ist das Büchlein von Jan Webmedien. Beim Kauf eines Exemplars kommt ein kleiner Beitrag unserer grossen Familie zugute!

Besonders empfehlenswert für die Weihnachtszeit oder als sinnvolles Geschenk!

Das Buch ist hier erhältlich:

Die Drei Nüsse und andere Weihnachtserzählungen

Here is an English version of the book:

The Three Nuts and other Christmas Tales for UK

The Three Nuts and other Christmas Tales for USA